Development Diary - "cloudMAX" - Part 1 - Recovery with difficulties

Welcome to the first entry of the dev diary regarding our cloud solution in development under the working title cloudMAX.

Today I want to talk about the general status of the software and why a revival of the project after a long time brought its own set of problems.

General status

Currently the project is at the point where we are slowly moving from the basics to finer areas. This means that we can now test most of the basic functionalities but other essential parts are still missing.

Exhibit A: On the one hand, various parts of the room management can already be operated quite comfortably, on the other hand core functions and options for the displays to show the appropriate information are still missing.

Furthermore, the design has been worked out in general, but is not fully implemented. In addition, some important additional features are also missing.

Therefore I can't reveal as much as I would like to, but I can leave you with a little sneak peek.

Since the resumption of the whole process, we've been working with mockups and prototypes, which we create in Adobe XD. And it's exactly such a mockup of the login screen that I'll show you. Of course it does not show the final version or design but it's a good indication of the general design direction.

The new login
The new login

And as a little treat, I'm also including the old version:

The old login
The old login

I nearly forgot: I wanted to tell you why I named this entry "Recovery with difficulties":


Well, if you are or were already a customer of NetMax, then you may have noticed the new design of the website you are on right now.

As part of this revival process the work on the cloud solution was given into new hands. Namely mine - the creator and author of this blog and by the way also the designer and developer of this whole website.

To put it mildly... the whole thing was a bit on the back burner before I arrived. As a result, a lot of lines of code in the cloud solution had to be rewritten, as some of it was already deprecated.

But: better late than never! Now that we are back on track again, I hope that I or better we as NetMax can offer you a convenient and modern solution. solution, with which you can manage your rooms and displays in a pleasant and efficient way.

And that is not all: There will be some more sections and products on this website in the long run. But I can't say anything about that yet - it's all still in the works. Stay tuned!

Final note

Well, this was the first short insight into the cloudMAX project and I hope to give you a more detailed report in the near future!

Next week there will be another special entry, not at all unrelated to the development of our cloud solution:

Mockups - ingenious or unnecessary?

With this rather irritating title, I will now release you from my care.

Thanks for tuning in!

Until then! Don't be a stranger!

Francesco Coenen