Development Diary - "cloudMAX" - Part 2 - Things are looking better!

How nice of you to visit our blog again to read the second part of our Dev Diary! If you haven't read the first entry yet, head this way:

As mentioned in the headline, the whole thing is progressing. The mockups are slowly becoming a reality, the bugs are being squashed, the wrinkles are being ironed out.

Status update

In detail it's about the new corporate identity - the same one on which this website was redone - now being implemented in the software. Interestingly enough, the old colors had only a slight relation to the old corporate identity, so this was due anyway.

Furthermore, there are features missing, which will make sure that your digital signage concept can be as unique as your company itself. Among other things we are working on providing you with a modern template designer for your display designs. But more on that when it's ready.

Other functions will be adapted to be easier and more intuitive to use. For example, we are redesigning all forms for entering different data, so that they are understandable and easy to fill out for your users. In this process, some obsolete fields were removed and/or adapted to social developments.

If this peeks your interest, take a look at the following image of the mockup for the client form rework.

Mockup: Creating a new customer
Mockup: Creating a new customer

On it you can see that the customer's company is the very first field to fill in, because this info will be used as an identification feature. Of course, a private person can also be entered as the company name. It is more about finding a common denominator apart from the name.

After that the primary contact is requested. The only mandatory fields are currently the last name and the e-mail address, first name and phone number are optional. This is an attempt to strike a balance between important identification features and additional information.

Following the primary contact information, the user will be able to add the address of the customer, whereby none of the fields are obligatory. And last but not least, we decided to give every form a field for random notes to add any additional information your users might want to add.

Since the whole thing is still a work in progress, this may change in the course of the development process.

Next steps

To be honest, it's quite simple: We continue to work on providing you with a great cloud product that we ourselves can be proud of and that you can use intuitively and efficiently. And in addition should look reasonably modern.


That's it with the small update. I hope you enjoyed this little glimpse and I'm looking forward giving you a better insight into the whole thing in the near future!

Next week will be about a specific NetMax topic: Custom made screens - why do we do it?

Thanks for tuning in!

Until then! Don't be a stranger!

Francesco Coenen