Our cloud-optimized digital signage solution

Please note: The cloudMAX software is currently under development. Therefore, specifications, details and name may still change. However, the basic principle remains what is presented here.

The next step in the evolution of digital signage and room management. With cloudMAX we want to offer you all the freedom and possibilities you need for your signage concept!

No matter which hardware, no matter what display size, no matter what operating system. It can be used from anywhere and is virtually maintenance-free. Benefit from unlimited scalability, user-friendliness and a modern workflow!

cloudMAX - where the user matters

The idea?

Mockup of a public display with different event infos

The viewMAX product range - a cost-effective, durable and scalable solution for digital signage - was a fitting choice for its era. But even the most durable technology will eventually be outclassed by advances in the industry. And as much as the viewMAX series shines with its qualities: The fabled cloud in particular has opened up opportunities which to make the next step in the history of NetMax and digital signage.

Cloud and digital signage? How do you combine something completely location-independent like decentralised web applications with something as stationary as signage displays? The evolution of the IT and multimedia sector plays a crucial role: In the age of the Internet of Things, where virtually every device now has an internet connection, you can also equip any kind of display with the web - and we're not even talking about the possibilities of high-speed mobile communications.

Apart from the Internet of Things, the practice of the so-called Bring Your Own Device has slowly become more and more established in recent years. Administrators today face this particular challenge keeping a consistent security and usage concept completely independent of operating systems and environments.

This is where we cloudMAX comes in: As more and more companies are turning to the cloud to save on administration and acquisition costs, we would also like to give you the opportunity to benefit from those advantages!

The implementation!

Virtually hardware-independent

With the cloudMAX solution, it almost does not matter what hardware you use. The administration can be opened from any internet-capable device that has a reasonably up-to-date browser.

It does not matter whether it's a smartphone, tablet, desktop or even a widescreen monitor: The modern, responsive design of the cloudMAX front end can be used on all devices without any problems. The same requirement applies to the signage displays: Does it have internet? Does it have a browser? Voilà!

Intuitive and user friendly

For us, the user takes centre stage. From the very beginning, it was an important requirement for us to make sure that the user does not have to click through an unnecessary number of menus to complete his tasks.

Through clever design, an extensive dashboard and an always available navigation menu, we try to optimise the user's workflow and guide them to where they want to go - living digital signage, even in the design policy.

Flexible and fully scalable

Whether you want to sign and manage two or two hundred rooms, cloudMAX can handle it. In addition, cloudMAX can be effortlessly connected to existing systems through modern APIs or simple file imports.

And of course you can administer all your objects with cloudMAX. Each building can be listed as a property, which you can administer with the same login data

cloudMAX in detail

Freedom of choice - what does it actually mean?

cloudMAX was designed with the intention of adapting to any infrastructure and to be completely independent of the environment in which it is installed.

The mere fact that this is a cloud software solution, i.e. that the hosting and maintenance is largely on our side, was not sufficient enough for us. Our responsive, browser-based approach ensures that you can access our software from any web-enabled device with a web browser, regardless of the device or operating system.

This also applies to the displays!

Even a smartphone can be set up as a signage display. Whether this is useful or not - that is up to you. But it is precisely this freedom that is at the core of the solution: the displays that you have or would like to use with the end devices that you are already using.

In addition to this, we offer customers who wish to do so the option of hosting the software themselves. This shifts the hosting and general maintenance to the customer, but can be used in critical environments, for example, where there is no connection to the general web in order to be usable there as well.

But don't worry: Our support is also available for in-house installation.

Mockup of multiple mobile devices sporting a login-screen

Simple to use and focused on the user

Everyone knows: Your employees are the most important resource you have and thus the training period for new systems is always an investment. With cloudMAX, the emphasis lies on the important aspects.

In many cases, signage solutions are heavily riddled with technical jargon, which creates an initial barrier - especially for the average user - and possibly even a reluctance to use them. And this is exactly where we step in!

Display types, designs, type of display, etc. are virtually non-existent for the normal user - if he doesn't need it. After all, if you abstract the whole issue, in a nutshell it's about booking appointments and reserving rooms. So why talk about screens?

Sure, in conclusion the display is the means to an end, but at cloudMAX we have established a purpose-driven user interface in which the user enters, checks, changes, and cancels appointments.

To set up the system, the administrator has additional control panels that are of interest to his or her area of responsibility, such as screen maintenance and set-up, status monitoring, a designer for templates, etc.

This ensures that each user can complete the tasks they want done and their workflow remains the focus of the whole.

Fits your environment - cloudMAX grows with your requirements

Digital signage via cloud has even more advantages compared to a standard installation: Since nowadays in the majority of buildings some form of internet is available - be it via WLAN, LAN or even LTE/UMTS - displays can be installed in pretty much any place where reception is available.

And especially if you want to equip more and more rooms or buildings over time: cloudMAX can handle it.

A small hint: If you don't want to deal with the question "What hardware do I actually need?", you can simply contact us! From advice to purchase to professional installation by our partners, we can certainly assist you!