The viewMAX software is an SQL client/server application under Microsoft Windows.

viewMAX Software Modules


  • viewMAX Director - configuration, administration and data acquisition
  • viewMAX Connector - Multithreaded Uploader (supports FTP, HTTP/SMIL and MoDi Displays)
  • viewMAX Interface - Import of event data from third-party programs
  • viewMAX FTP Uploader - predecessor of the viewMAX Connector, upload to the viewMAX FTP display

Database Server

  • Supported versions: Microsoft SQL Server from v8.0 (MSDE2000), to 11 (MS SQL Express 2012).
  • Recommended: Microsoft Express 2008 R2 SP2

All Microsoft SQL Server versions from v8.0 are supported. If the installation is to take place on an external Microsoft SQL database server or in another instance, the database scripts must be adapted by the customer. Since we usually lack full access rights to the database servers, we can unfortunately only provide limited support for these installations.

The standard installation provides a separate Microsoft SQL Express database instance for the viewMAX system. All scripts and installation files are part of the viewMAX installation package.


  • viewMAX FTP/SMIL Room, MoDi and Public Displays
  • viewMAX 10, 12, 17, 19, 1x, 2x, 4x (FTP)
  • viewMAX 10s, 12s, 17s, 19s, 4x (HTTP/SMIL)
  • viewMAX MoDi (wireless monochrome display)

As viewMAX displays receive content from the server on a time-controlled basis, no clock is required in the unit.

FTP Displays

viewMAX FTP displays receive content as bitmap graphics or videos via an FTP server (TCP/IP port 21). The information is transferred time-controlled by the viewMAX Connector (formerly: viewMAX FTP Uploader) and immediately displayed by the display.

HTTP/SMIL Displays

viewMAX SMIL displays receive the content from the viewMAX Connector via HTTP post (TCP port 80) and display it immediately. SMIL is an open standard for digital signage and was originally developed by the W3C.

Programme directory

The viewMAX programs are located in the directory %ProgramFiles%\netMAX or %ProgramFiles(x86)%\netMAX for a 64bit Windows version. Examples

  • 32bit English: C:\Program Files\netMAX\
  • 64bit German: C:\Program Files (x86)\netMAX\


To download the viewMAX software suite, you can simply follow this link:


The viewMAX installation consists of two main steps.

  1. installation of the viewMAX SQL database
  2. installation of the viewMAX programs

Required installation files & packages

  • viewMAX database scripts
  • viewMAX installation files
  • Microsoft® .net Framework v3.5
  • Microsoft® SQL Server® 2008 R2 Express to match your operating system version

The viewMAX database scripts and the viewMAX installation files can be downloaded from the service area of the netMAX website. To install the viewMAX programmes, please use only the latest update package.

The Microsoft® .net Framework and the Microsoft® SQL Server® Express can be downloaded from the Microsoft Download Center. Please make sure you use the correct language and operating system version.

Currently recommended database version: Microsoft® SQL Server® 2008 R2 SP2 Express.

Setting up the viewMAX SQL database

To install the viewMAX database

  1. unpack the directory into a local directory.
  2. Copy the Microsoft SQL Express installation program into the directory and rename it SQLEXPR.EXE.
  3. Execute the database installation script SQL2008R2setup.cmd from the directory
  4. If the setup script ran without errors, an empty SQL database instance with the name NETMAX is now on your system.
  5. Execute the installation script / createdb.cmd. This script creates an empty viewMAX database.

Notes on possible errors during the database installation can be found in the attached readme.txt or in our Troubleshooting Guide.

viewMAX programme installation

  1. if not available, please install the Microsoft .net Framework from v3.5. on a Windows Server operating system, the role application server with the feature .net Framework should be activated.
  2. run the viewMAX Director Setup from the Update Package.
  3. Start the viewMAX Director and check that the database is working.
  4. Install the viewMAX Connector. The programme automatically enters itself in the AutoStart group of the Windows menu and is thus automatically executed each time you log on.
  5. The viewMAX Connector is set accordingly in the programme under /File/Configuration. Please ensure that the time out is at least 90 seconds, the value for max. threads is 3 and the upload interval is at least 15 seconds for operation in a WLAN, as otherwise the multi-threading overloads the network in slow WLANs.
  6. If required, please install the viewMAX interface.
  7. On all viewMAX workstations, please also install the current version of the viewMAX Director.


Update Package Manual

For the installation you may need administration rights. Please follow the instructions in the release notes.

  • Before updating, please request a new licence key from, stating the number of your displays.
  • The viewMAX software requires the Microsoft .net Framework 3.5 - this may have to be installed separately for new Windows versions.
  • The Microsoft .net Framework 1.1 is no longer required.

As of 01.09.2016, the creation of a new licence key is subject to a fee and depends on the number of connected displays - (costs for viewMAX updates).

With the purchase of the new licence key you will receive a one-time upgrade support by phone (max. 1 hour), free support by eMail as well as free updates for the following 12 months.

Preparation of the viewMAX Update (all versions v2.x)

Unpack the update package into any directory on the viewMAX server. 2. Make sure that the subdirectory C:\Backup is created on the server drive C: and that there is no file with the name viewMAX.BAK in it (rename older backups if necessary). 3. If the viewMAX Connector v2.1 or higher is installed, please note the values from the menu item File/Configuration. 4. Exit the viewMAX Director and, if necessary, also the viewMAX FTP Uploader, viewMAX Connector and the viewMAX Interface. 5. Exit the viewMAX programs on all viewMAX workstations. 6. 6. create a viewMAX database backup. The corresponding backup script backup.cmd * is included. The created backup can be found under c:/backup/viewMAX.bak. 7. Uninstall all viewMAX programs via the Windows Control Panel. 8. Delete any remaining viewMAX shortcuts from the Windows Start menu, from the desktop or from the AutoStart group.

Installing the viewMAX update (from v2.7)

The viewMAX Director automatically checks whether the viewMAX database has the correct version and performs a database update if necessary. It is therefore necessary to install the viewMAX Director on the viewMAX server first and run it once. 1.

From the Update Package Install the viewMAX Director and run it once. During start-up, the processing of the update to the current database version will be displayed. 2. Enter your new licence key in the viewMAX Director under Configuration/Properties. 3. Install the viewMAX Connector from the Update Package. 4. If necessary, install the viewMAX Interface from the Update Package. 5. In viewMAX Director, create a new connector under Configuration/Connectors and enter the previous values from File/Configuration. 6. 6. restart all viewMAX programs.

Update of viewMAX workstations (from v2.7)

If the viewMAX Director does not find a database, the program displays the ConnectString for the SQL instance and asks for a check. You can then overwrite the localhost with the name or IP address of the viewMAX server and check again with check. ATTENTION: This setting is user-dependent and must be done on the workstation for each user!

The viewMAX Connector offers an integrated web server, which eliminates the need to install an additional internet server. This is used to control Samsung SOC displays and HTML5-capable players in pulling mode. Read more about this under viewMAX WebServer setup.

Database backup

How to backup your viewMAX database

The viewMAX database backup viewMAX.bak is written to the directory c:\backup\ and can be recreated with the database script backup.cmd from the database installation directory ''.

The database installation directory is part of the current Update Package, or can be downloaded separately 1.

If the backup directory c:\Backup\ is missing on your system, please create a new one. 2. 2. in an existing backup directory, please rename any existing database backup viewMAX.bak. 3. Execute the script backup.cmd from the directory. 4. 4. a new viewMAX.bak is now in the backup directory. 5. In order to be able to restore your viewMAX system as quickly and easily as possible in the event of a system failure, we recommend copying the backup to an external drive (e.g. a USB stick).


Required Files

The following files are required:

  • viewMAX latest database backup
  • viewMAX database scripts
  • viewMAX setup files
  • Microsoft® .net Framework v3.5 (.net Framework 4.x is not supported)

Microsoft® SQL Server® 2012 Express Setup or higher

The viewMAX database backup – viewMAX.bak is located in the folder c:\backup. Please create a new backup using the backup.cmd script from your viewMAX installation folder The backup contains your whole viewMAX Configuration and the latest events.

The viewMAX dtabase scripts are parts of the the viewMAX Update Package and can be downloaded from our website netMAX Service&Support-

The Microsoft® .net Frameworkand the Microsoft® SQL Server® Express, are avaiable from the Microsoft website Microsoft Coportaion.

The recommended database version: Microsoft® SQL Server® 2012 SP4 Express.

If you still use a SQL MSDE 2000 (v8.0) database, please install the SQL Server 2008R2. A direct restore to a newer version is not possible anymore.

On the new system

  1. unpack the setup filese to a local folder e.g. c:\Install\netMAX.
  2. create the folder c:\Backup.
  3. copy the latest database backup viewMAX.bak into c:\Backup.
  4. copy the Microsoft SQL Express setup file into an rename it to SQLEXPR.EXE.
  5. from the folder execute the SQL2012setup.cmd script. The script will install the SQL database instance NETMAX.
  6. execute / createdb.cmd to create an empty viewMAX database.
  7. use / restore.cmd to restore your old viewMAX databse (c:\Backup\viewMAX.bak). If you use a newer database version then before, use restore_with_move.cmd.
  8. IMPORTANT execute
  9. an update for the latest viewMAX database version will be automatically executed during the first start of theviewMAX Director application.

Installation of the viewMAX applications

  1. Install the Microsoft .net Framework v3.5. For Windows Server operating systems use the roll & features to enable the .net Framework.
  2. execute the viewMAX Director Setup viewMAX Director.msi from your update package.
  3. open the viewMAX Director and connect to your viewMAX database.
  4. install the viewMAX Connector viewMAX Connector.msi. A shortcut will be crated to all users autostart group. The configuration parameter may be changed in the viewMAX Director/Configuration/Connectors.
  5. if you use an Interface install the viewMAX Interface.msi.
  6. IMPORTANT: Don't forget to update all viewMAX Director Clients!

Some functions may be changed, if you upgrade from a version < v1.10.x. Please check you signage afterwards.

Costs for viewMAX updates

Since 01 September 2016, the creation of a new licence key is subject to a fee and depends on the number of connected displays*.

With the purchase of the new licence key you receive,

  • a one-time telephone upgrade support (max. 1 hour, within 3 months)
  • free eMail support for the following 12 months
  • free software updates for the following 12 months

Prices for viewMAX licence key

  • up to 10 displays €175,-
  • up to 25 displays €285,-
  • up to 100 displays €470,-
  • over 100 displays €680

All prices are for commercial customers only, plus VAT.

  • You will receive the new licence key for the viewMAX Displays and viewMAX Player licences purchased from netMAX. The maximum number of displays that can be used depends on the version of your viewMAX software.

Entering the new licence key

Your new licence key consists of two parts

  • Property Name
  • License Key

Please enter them under viewMAX Director/Configuration/Properties.

You can activate the Configuration menu item by pressing CTRL+Shift+C in the viewMAX Director main menu.