Welcome to the new netMAX website!

Moin Moin! Nice to have you here! I would like to welcome you to the new netMAX website.

After the old website accompanied us for many years, it was time for a new coat of paint. On this new website you will find informations regarding our current product range, our contact details and our social media presence. Also you'll be able read this blog here and, as a very exciting development on top of that, our knowledgebase - which has now been fully integrated into the website - will be available to you to look for more detailed info about our products and their specifications.

Behind the scenes

The website was programmed and designed with the React-based open source framework "Gatsby". To keep it simple: Gatsby enables the creation of fast and reliable websites due to its built-in optimisation features.

Since Gatsby requires basic programming skills, it is not as beginner-friendly as the usual CMS systems a là Wordpress, but with a bit of finesse we were able to create a site with Gatsby that does justice to the modern internet environment and presents us to the outside world in the way we imagined.

You can find more information about GatsbyJS here: https://www.gatsbyjs.com/

A glimpse into the future

The groundwork has been laid. The site will grow rich in information, but it should not stop there. In the future we will offer you a modern webshop, where you can buy the hardware for your digital signage concept directly from us.

Furthermore, this blog will be updated here weekly with exciting topics about digital signage. So, don't be a stranger!

That's it for the first entry of many, thanks for checking it out!

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us: info@netmax.de! =)

March 15, 2021