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Netmax and NoviSign - A partnership for the future

Cooperation instead of competition - an introduction When it became clear that we didn't have the resources to complete our own cloud, we had a decision to make: "Do we leave it or try something else?" As this text exists, it is clear that we chose the "other way". That is to say, we wanted to look for an established solution and talk to the people in charge about forming a partnership. This was…


We are back! Welcome to the new Netmax!

Wow. It's just been over two years since the last blog entry. Social media has also been sleeping. What's been going on? Why the radio silence? Short and sweet: There was a lot of internal confusion and details to sort out. Details may perhaps be an understatement. Maybe someone even noticed: There is no trace of the "old" Netmax Cloud on this page and the page about viewMAX is quite spartan in…


The Netmax website - a short look at what is coming next!

After we launched the new website a little over 5 months ago, there have been some minor design changes and small additional features that most visitors would not notice at first glance. Adjustments like a To-The-Top-Button or image framing in the style of the corporate identity are rather small features. But since we don't want to stand still for years again, things like this blog, but also…


The perfect spot for your displays - a few ideas

Where do I put this thing now, so that everyone can see it?! - a wonderful question! As important as the content on your display is - we've already covered this topic several times here on the blog - the positioning of the screen is just as important! It's not that complicated: You put the thing somewhere and then people see it. Ok! Thanks for reading, see ya! Well, it's not that simple. A few…


Signage-Displays - What defines them and what they should be capable of

After a longer break from blogging, I've come up with a topic that might be interesting for digital signage newbies: What should such a signage display actually be able to do? Are there any fixed rules or something that all signage displays have in common? Well, let's set this straight: There are no rules per se that make a monitor a signage display. In the end, it all depends on the specific…


Our viewMAX-Displays - custom-made screens, stood the test of time! And beyond that?

Today we want to revisit some NetMax history: The custom-built signage display for the viewMAX-Software. In the following article we will analyze the past, the present and also the future of this in Germany custom made screen, which is offered by us in a wide variety of colors, bezels and decoration. The viewMAX display in the wild! Past: The viewMAX display and the viewMAX software The idea of…


Mockups - awesome or unnecessary?

Welcome to the most irritating title of the week. Okay, maybe not quite that bad. And if you don't really understand what's going on, don't worry, the important stuff follows! What is a mockup and why should I care? To quote our third blog post in the content series ( "A mockup is a dummy of a product for demonstration purposes…


Creative Ideas to power up your Digital Signage-game!

If you take a look at digital and analog media, digital media has a certain advantage: the content can be changed afterwards. In most cases, it's dynamic and can be updated or kept up to date in real time. And if you look specifically at digital signage appliances, how is it used? In most cases you see some kind of news ticker, the time, the weather, etc. besides the main content. But what if you…


Digital signage in action - questions and answers

For most folks Digital Signage sounds a bit like witchcraft - which is totally understandable. The whole topic is oddly specific and is used for specific use cases. For now at least. The industry itself is in constant growth and it can be assumed that this will continue for the next few years. Here are a few external articles for you to check out: Digital Signage Market worth $27.8 billion by 202…


What does digital signage actually mean?

Hello, my valuable readers! In this week we will talk about pretty general topic. The alpha to the omega, so to speak: "What actually is digital signage?" In the following paragraphs I'll try to show you a glimpse of what digital signage is really about. And I hope I can do so in an entertaining way. Let's do this! A term - that keeps its promise Well, if you really want to be pedantic, you could…


Welcome to the new netMAX website!

Moin Moin! Nice to have you here! I would like to welcome you to the new netMAX website. After the old website accompanied us for many years, it was time for a new coat of paint. On this new website you will find informations regarding our current product range, our contact details and our social media presence. Also you'll be able read this blog here and, as a very exciting development on top…


Important information on the closure of Netmax GmbH

Dear customers, we would like to inform you that Netmax GmbH will cease operations on 30 June 2024. After careful consideration, we have decided to take this step and will do everything in our power to make the transition as smooth as possible.

For all current projects and open enquiries, Wartezone TV GmbH is now available to you as a competent and reliable partner.

Contact details and further information can be found on the following website:

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the trust you have placed in us and the excellent cooperation over the past few years.

With kind regards,
Your Netmax team.