The Netmax website - a short look at what is coming next!

After we launched the new website a little over 5 months ago, there have been some minor design changes and small additional features that most visitors would not notice at first glance.

Adjustments like a To-The-Top-Button or image framing in the style of the corporate identity are rather small features.

But since we don't want to stand still for years again, things like this blog, but also further developments of the site and additions to our product range and portfolio are vital to stay competitive!

And that's exactly why there will be some big changes to the site in the very near future. I can't tell you a specific, but well! Let's start with obvious things:

Better product pages

Honestly: The product pages are ok. But only ok. Especially the page for the cloud solution under development is more a concept of a product page and should show how it could look later. But also the viewMAX page deserves a bit more love.

The whole thing should become a bit more media-focused: More pictures and possibly videos of the product in use, selected case studies, less tech talk (more about that in a moment) and links to further resources like the knowledgebase or the possibility to order the product right here, right now directly from our site (also more on that in a moment).

In addition, the current stock images and videos will be replaced with something that is more related to us. The current concept of purely emotionally chosen imagery will be replaced by a mixed approach of emotion, utilitarianism and self-reference. Of course, the content has to be created first, but due to the current situation, which seems to be getting better, such things can now be done more easily.

Expansion of the knowledgebase

Oh yes, the problem child. The knowledgebase was nothing more than a migration from the old MediaWiki to the specially created wiki environment of the new site. All the technical jargon like system requirements, more detailed technical descriptions, specific special functions and use cases should end up in the knowledgebase in the long run. Of course, the important basic information will still be found in the product text. In fact, the layout should be like this:

All the nice and informative stuff will stay on the product page and everything that goes more in the direction of reference for product connoisseurs or just further interested people will be found in the knowledgebase.

Of course, the Knowledgebase will continue to be the place to go when customers are looking for assistance. That won't change, don't worry.

What happens with the hardware page?

Yes, the hardware page is another problem child with a specially written component for easy output of data about the devices. Well, the page will no longer exist in the long run. But this has a rather positive reason:

Netmax is getting a webshop!

I think this is the biggest development I'm currently working on for us: The NetMax site will get a webshop completely integrated into the site, where all our products and selected hardware can be bought directly.

The whole store logic will run through the API of the provider Shopify ( This way we can provide you with a stable and secure store environment, but directly on our site. And as soon as you want to complete your order, you will be guided through the process via Shopify's secure servers. But more about that when everything is ready.

Since there is still some API logic and store design to be worked out, I can't present anything yet. But don't worry, you will feel right at home.

Some final words

So, that's it for this week with the blog entry. There will still be smaller updates from time to time. Fun Fact: In this update we optimized the layout and replaced the menu icon with a material icon (

Small stuff, but makes my job easier and your experience subconsciously better! =)

With this, I say goodbye to you and wish you a successful week, got question? Tell me:

Thanks for tuning in!

Until then! Don't be a stranger!

August 02, 2021

Important information on the closure of Netmax GmbH

Dear customers, we would like to inform you that Netmax GmbH will cease operations on 30 June 2024. After careful consideration, we have decided to take this step and will do everything in our power to make the transition as smooth as possible.

For all current projects and open enquiries, Wartezone TV GmbH is now available to you as a competent and reliable partner.

Contact details and further information can be found on the following website:

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the trust you have placed in us and the excellent cooperation over the past few years.

With kind regards,
Your Netmax team.