Netmax and NoviSign - A partnership for the future

Cooperation instead of competition - an introduction

When it became clear that we didn't have the resources to complete our own cloud, we had a decision to make: "Do we leave it or try something else?"

As this text exists, it is clear that we chose the "other way". That is to say, we wanted to look for an established solution and talk to the people in charge about forming a partnership. This was followed by discussions with a number of providers of cloud-based digital signage solutions that would be suitable for our existing customers, but also offer room for expansion in the medium term.

At the end of this search, we found NoviSign.

NoviSign - a brief company profile

  • Headquarters: Tel Aviv
  • Managing Director: Gil Matzliah**.
  • Founded: 2011

Founded in April 2011 in Tel Aviv, NoviSign is a pioneer in Android digital signage and cloud-based solutions. The company's vision was to make content cross-platform and to develop an easy-to-use CMS. Today, NoviSign's software powers around 70,000 screens worldwide. The company is known for high availability, security standards and a broad customer base that includes companies such as Disney, Coca-Cola, BMW and many more. NoviSign is SOC II certified and meets the highest security standards.

For more information please visit:

What makes NoviSign different?

On the one hand, the NoviSign solution offers a stable system, powerful template options and sophisticated display management that can be applied to almost any web-enabled display. On the other hand, NoviSign convinces with its people. The openness, warmth and friendliness we have been shown is not only of a business nature, but also of a personal nature, and we couldn't feel in better hands.

The Netmax Cloud - powered by NoviSign

However, because we wanted to be more than just a reseller, and because we have a vested interest in customer retention, we have our own NoviSign instance running. This ensures that we remain the point of contact and can better support any hybrid solutions and conversions, but can also take advantage of the cloud and NoviSign's support.

Future plans

Short term

In the coming weeks and months we will continue to support (but no longer actively offer) the old viewMAX solution and of course slowly roll out the new cloud solution to old and new customers. As some viewMAX features are very relevant to the daily business of some customers and processes need to be evaluated and adapted, we have decided on this slow rollout.

Medium term

Later this year or early next year, viewMAX will be fully replaced by the cloud solution. At the same time, support for viewMAX will end.

What will happen to customers who have grown to love the viewMAX event scheduler?

This is where the Room Manager, codenamed "Roomulus", comes in. It combines the functionality of the viewMAX Director with the benefits of the Novisign solution.

Below is a screenshot of the main window from the current design prototype.

Roomulus - Event View
Roomulus - Event View

Long term

In the long term, we will be fully focused on the cloud solution and working with NoviSign. There are other exciting developments in the pipeline. But we will let you know as soon as they are ready!


In conclusion: Netmax remains Netmax. But also not. With NoviSign, we have finally got the necessary modernisation that many customers have been missing. And NoviSign? We have probably given them a wealth of experience from which we can create great things together. At least as far as digital signage is concerned.

Thanks for tuning in!

Until then! Don't be a stranger!

September 12, 2023

Important information on the closure of Netmax GmbH

Dear customers, we would like to inform you that Netmax GmbH will cease operations on 30 June 2024. After careful consideration, we have decided to take this step and will do everything in our power to make the transition as smooth as possible.

For all current projects and open enquiries, Wartezone TV GmbH is now available to you as a competent and reliable partner.

Contact details and further information can be found on the following website:

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the trust you have placed in us and the excellent cooperation over the past few years.

With kind regards,
Your Netmax team.